Fresh Produce Vending Machines

Vending by JSR are the UK’s only supplier of fresh produce vending machines

Just over 4 years ago Vending by JSR unveiled the Roesler Farm Food Vending Machine at a Pig and Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh Show Ground. This was a multipurpose healthy vending machine that the company had installed at their own farm in Scotland to sell their own eggs.

The machine that they fitted was a great success, so Vending by JSR accepted an offer from Roesler and became the UK distributor for this exciting new machine.

In 2018 after listening to suggestions on improving the machines, VENDING BY JSR launched LOCK BLOX the second generation internet controlled locker vending machines to the UK.

Both styles of machines are selling eggs, organic food, vegetables and even jams and oatmeal and are getting great positive feedback from the customers that are using them. The machines have dramatically increased sales in every site they have been installed and proved a real hit with customers of all ages.

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Generating Exposure . . . and Sales

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With over 60 machines now operating all over the UK please contact us to find out where there is one near you.


These Vending machines can be used to sell really anything.

Choose a mix of 7 different locker sizes so can house anything from a jar of jam up to a 25kg bag of potatoes. We can build them chilled or non-chilled depending on the produce you are looking to retail.

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