Mr Gareth Hart

Mr Gareth Hart

Reasons for installing machine?

We sold trays of eggs on a Saturday morning from the hen shed but wanted to give customers the options to buy during the week. We did not want people at the shed 7 days a week there is a bio security risk in this and of course we would have to staff the sales stall too.

Has your machine done solved your issues?

Yes. We installed the machine in a summer house at the end of the drive. We cleared a small area enough for about 4 cars to park so they could pull in off the road. People are using the machine 7 days a week. Saturdays are best but every day we have to refill the machine sometimes more than once.

How many sales on average do you get?

We have on average 70 sales a day. This is all extra business since the machine went in. We kept the Saturday morning sales stall at the shed as we felt people would still like to visit the shed. We still sell just as many eggs from there so all the vending sales are new customers or customers revisiting us during the week.

Who are your customers?

We get people of all ages using the machine. Even the older generation find it so easy to use. They actually really like it because it’s a new piece of technology that they don’t have to be afraid of. There are a lot of young mothers use the machine as they can drive up to it, leave the car running and the kids in the back and get their eggs completely hassle free.

Would you change anything about the machine.

No the functionality of the machine is very good, the information I can get on sales and takings is excellent.

Mr Hart has a FWA 28/16/12, with a bolt on of 18 tray lockers.

Mr Gareth Hart