Aileen Taylor

Aileen Taylor

Reason for installing Vending machine?

We farm potatoes and free range eggs but never sold any locally ourselves. With the rise in people wanting to buy local we thought we should be selling some direct.   Down past the farm there is a very popular walk so we thought this would this would generate some good foot fall.

What type of people are using your Vending machine?

People of all ages are using the vending machine. Kids love it and encourage their mothers to buy more than one item which is good for us. Most people are locals but we get a lot of walkers at the weekend. We have started to stock some specialist Jams made along in Elgin so we get people traveling form Nairn and even further to come for the jams. Then they too buy eggs and veg so it works well.

How many people are visiting the Vending machine a week?

We have on average 300 sales a week. When the weather is good and there are lots of walkers passing we do very well. Our bestselling item is eggs closely followed by the potatoes so people like buying those together.

What kind of customer feedback have you had ?

Customers love it. We’ve had feedback saying they love the fact they can buy such fresh produce. One customer loves the idea as they think it is futuristic and ahead of the times. We installed a juice machine in the shed beside our fresh food machine and the walkers love this. They can get juice for the kids after their dog walk and pick up great quality produce at the same time. Walk the dog and pick up groceries in one hit, someone said.

Have you any future plans for the vending hut?

If it gets any busier we would think about buying a bolt on extension for the machine.   We have had a lot of requests for bread and milk in the machine so may look at a cooling machine also. This is all for next year perhaps, we are more than happy with how it is going at the moment.

Aileen Taylor
Wellhill Farm