With January being a slower month for some of our vendors its a good time to look back and do some analysis on sales and customer comments.  In the run up to Christmas and through January the majority of our customers who have the Payter contact less payment system reported that more transactions were made through contact less than cash.  This is the first time we have experienced this with the fresh food machines.

The people that used the machines most would be mothers with younger kids stating they liked the machines for the freshness of their food and the convenience of using them.  This trend was across the board even in the more rural of sites. Freshness and the security of knowing exactly where the food had come from were the two biggest reasons overall customer liked shopping at the machines.

The last question we asked was what people would like to see more of in the machines and overwhelmingly they said a wider range of products so they could buy more of their shop in the one place.  This ties in with the soaring success of Thorny Bank farm shop who are the first full farm shop to go completely staff free.  lets see who may be the next.

For more information on Thorny Bank Farm shop see our case studies page.