Fresh Produce Vending by JSR machine in town Farm Shop

Blairgowrie Farm Shop installs Vending by JSR machine

Fresh produce available 24/7 for the first time in local town.

In Vending by JSR’s local town the owners of Blairgowrie Farm Shop have introduced 24 hours a day 7 days a week sales to their customers.  The local business run by Colin and Jennifer Steele wanted to offer their customers an easier and more convenient way off shopping.  With people’s time being precious these days Jennifer and Colin wanted to offer the local community the chance to shop when they liked no matter what time or day it was.

The Fresh produce vending machine was installed on the 30th November and is already catching the locals eye.  There is still signage to put up and some advertising to but the Steele family are looking forward to offering what customers want to see in the machine.  “We will have to suck it and see” said Jennifer and wait to see what customers want in the machine.  Colin and his wife will be interacting with their customers over the next few weeks and getting their ideas as to what they want in the vending machine.

With the machine already stocked with local eggs, fruit and vegetables , if you can’t shop during the day and don’t like the big super markets this is ideal.

Vending by JSR wishes them great success.

Ardblair Joinery fitting machine in place.
Ardblair Joinery fitting machine in place.