Healthy Vending Machines

Vending by JSR supply Fresh Produce & Healthy Vending Machines

Vending by JSR are the UK’s only supplier of fresh produce vending machines

The Fresh Produce Vending machine is stainless steel and hand built in Northern Germany. The machines can be created as chilled or non-chilled and are made up of banks of lockers. There are 7 different locker sizes for the non-chilled machines and 6 different sizes of locker for the chilled machines.

What sets our healthy vending machine apart from others is that it can take notes, coins and issue change. There is an intelligent coin stacker system that allows up to 50 of each coin to be collect in the mechanism. Any coins then put in fall through to a collection box inside the machine. The coin stacker will issue change when needed, but then fill itself back up when the next coins are entered into the machine.

Our vending machines are unique in that you can set an individual price for each individual locker. So if you have a 36 locker machine then you could sell 36 differently priced products. It is so easy to change prices and restock the machine. All adjustments are made by scrolling through easy menus controlled by the key pad; if you can use a smartphone, then you can easily program these machines.

These farm vending machines could be used to sell almost anything. If it can be placed in a locker, and we have size and weights capaciMes for almost anything, then you can sell it through one of our machines!

Fresh Produce Vending

Sell your refrigerated produce direct to consumers.

Individual Product Prices

Set unique product prices for each locker.

24 Hours, 7 Days A Week

No need to hire costly staff – always on, always selling!

Custom Locker Sizes

If you can produce it, we can help you sell it.

Intelligent Coin Stacker

Issue change in coins without any hassle.

Any Location Becomes A Shop

Turn your caravan park, farm or leisure facility into a money making machine.

Vending by JSR can supply a range of customised vending solutions.

With our strong connections with Roesler in Germany and Automaten Centrale in Holland we can supply rotary snack vending machines, frozen vending machines and various shapes and sizes of spiral vending machines. Our spiral vending machines are completely metal with no plastic parts inside or out, making them very reliable and robust.

For further information please contact Stuart Retson on 07917730452 or email him at

Some examples of these are in our photo gallery.

Now with the introduction of the new DVC 5 and DVC 6 modules we have Pin and Collect on all Roesler Fresh Food Vending Machines.

When refilling the lockers you can manually set a 6 digit pin code to the locker. You can then send the pin code to your customer via SMS or email and they can collect their goods 24 hours a day.

You may still have a price on the locker too so the customer still has to pay for the goods at the machine along with entering the pin. If you have an online system or pre pay over the phone ordering system in place, Pin and Collect would mean instead of delivering the goods you can place them in the machine and the customer can collect them at their leisure.

Nice and simple!

We have an alert system that will text you or a preprogramed phone when the machine is running low on product inventory. You can set it to alert you when the machine is running low, or at a specific time of the day.

The message will let you know which lockers are empty so you will know exactly what you have sold and what needs restocked.

SMS Alert functionality is available as an optional extra.

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