Lock Blox



Build your own LockBlox
LockBlox is a modular system, which you can use to put together your own vending machine. The Lockblox has a cooled (Breeze) and uncooled (Smart) version, which can also be delivered in a combined version. You can choose from a wide variety of different box/door sizes this makes sure that there is a right door for every product. The door can be delivered with a window or closed. The modules can be connected to each other and then they can be connected to a central payment module. This allows you to create your own Lockbox machine.

A unique touch
LockBlox is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display with a user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI). The GUI is intended to make the sale as quick and simple as possible. After the Client has entered their box number, the price and a picture of the chose product will appear and the product will automatically be added to their shopping card. Then the client can add another product or to checkout immediately by putting cash in the machine or by starting a PIN-transaction. After the payment, the machine shall indicate which box will open automatically.

15.6 inch touchscreen
Besides the 7-inch screen, you could also option for a 15-inch touchscreen display. With this bigger display, you can choose from two different GUI’s, the Select-15 and the FIFO-15. The Select-15 has the same possibility as the 7” to choose the box number and put it in the shopping cart. However, the Select-15 gives your client a better touch-experience, clearer images, use of your own logo on every screen and a more extensive stock-menu

With the FIFO-15 products cannot be chosen based on box number, but the client can select a product on the screen. The screen can display 12 products at the same time, but the scroll-function gives you the opportunity to add more products to your screen. Based on the First-In-First-Out principle the machine will decide which box shall open. This way the first product that was filled van always be the first to be issued and you can always guaranty your client’s fresh products.  This option is only available in combination with a 15.6” display.

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