Vending Machines For Food and Non Food Products
Direct marketing is a growing market for agricultural products, food and non-food, and a variety of different commodities. The higher profits of costumer loyalty and growing margins are possible with the use of vending
machines. The customer is able to get all the goods 24 hours a day 365 days a year, without you having to have staff. The goods are presented for clear viewing and it is child`s play to get them from the compartments at all hours of the day and night. Reasons for the machines success are the presentation of the goods and the easy to use and longevity of the machine. The vending machines are available with up to 120 compartments in different sizes. The compartments can be combined and customised. It is easy to view the filled compartments and the goods are dispensed after the sales price has been inserted. The selected compartment opens automatically. The machines are made of weatherproof, rust free high grade stainless steel and can, therefore, operate all year round. The microprocessor control unit enables individual pricing for each individual locker.

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