What vending machines sell across the globe.

Gold: Gold To Go machines – found in the United Arab Emirates, Europe and the US – connect to the internet to set their prices by that day’s rate.

Lobster: Arcade-style devices in China, described as ‘cruel’ by critics, let users pluck live lobsters from a pool using a mechanic arm.

French fries: Machines in countries such as Australia and China store frozen chips which are flash-fried for customers in just two minutes.

Caviar: In shopping centres in Los Angeles, vending machines sell this delicacy for up to £320 for 28g, along with truffles and snails.

Lettuce: The makers of a vending machine in the US say it can produce 60 lettuce heads a day without sunlight, instead using light from fluorescent bulbs inside.

Milk: Available fresh from machines in France and Italy – and one in a pub in the Cotswolds.

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